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Yumpu offers a digital platform for publishing your magazines, brochures or catalogs. Communicate your message and grab the attention of new readers.
It’s time to harness the power of digital publishing. With Yumpu.com you can create an ePaper for free in under 2 minutes. No technical know-how is required. Yumpu.com provides you with a fast and easy solution to create online catalogs. Inside of the catalog you can define links to your online shop or any other website. Your readers can instantly read the content of your publication without any annoying loading times. You can even embed your ePaper or flipbook on your own blog or website with our easy to use Embed Wizard1.7 Million Worldclass Companies trust in Yumpu to increase Traffic, Leads, and Sales.In just a couple of minutes, you can create a stunning catalog that your customers will love. Perhaps your existing online marketing strategy has not yielded the profits that you would like. Maybe you are focused too much on updating Facebook or a blog website, when you should be trying to sell your online product. An online catalog is a nice complement to an existing digital marketing strategy and takes your marketing strategy to the next level.If you have never created an online catalog before, you don’t need to worry. The process of creating one is simple. You do not need to have a technical background or any knowledge of HTML coding to create a great eCatalog. All you need to do is use www.Yumpu.com’s easy online pdfcatalog creator.
Benefits of the Yumpu Online Catalog Creator

  • Link your products inside of the catalog or site / page flip directly into your webshop
  • Enhance with multiple pictures, video and audio files
  • Embed the digital catalog into your website
  • Easy to share on Facebook, Twitter & Co
  • Unlimited catalogs
  • SEO optimized for google analytics
  • Unlimited number of pages and digital catalogs
  • Allow the download free option of your digital catalog and many more…

Online catalogs are easily changeable and shareable on facebook, twitter and google+. Unlike print publications, an online product catalog builder can be updated at any time. Whether you want to get rid of a product or feature a new product line, all you have to do is edit the existing PDF file saved on your computer. You do not have to deal with a printing company to add edits to your print publication. You also do not have to absorb tremendous costs to make changes in a print publication. An PDF catalog creator gives you the freedom to change your product line at any time. Your customers can also stay updated on changes in your company’s product line.
Improve Your Company’s SEO Strategy
Digitalcatalog software can also help improve your business sales in other ways. By uploading online product catalog software on your website, you can improve the ranking of your company website. Search engines pick up on the keywords that are featured in online catalogs. An online brochure can be an alternative method of effectively improving your SEO strategy instead of blog posts or website content.

Easily Use Shopping Cart Software
The best part about using an online catalog is that you can instantly install shopping cart software in the document and has innovative technology that can allow customers to choose the products that they wish to purchase directly from the pdfcatalog creator. By simply clicking on the product’s picture, a customer can immediately purchase the product. You can make it easier for your customers to purchase the products that they love by giving them an flip PDF catalog creator software.

Display Thousands of Your Items
When you use an online catalog to promote your products, you can display thousands of products at one time. You do not have to worry about meeting any file size limits. You can also compress all of your PDF files so that you can include hundreds of images in a catalog. This way, you can give your customers the selection variety that they deserve.www.Yumpu.com can help you create appealing and attractive catalogs with an amazing page flip effect. The catalogs feature page-turning technology, and your customers will enjoy the realistic experience of turning pages.
Create online catalogs to instantly promote your business. The online catalogue creator allows you to create cost-effective catalogs in an efficient manner. You do not need to outsource your catalog creation or hire a printing company any longer and helps you cut down on costs and ultimately improve the profitability of your business.

Use this cool PDF tool
Being consistently competitive is always a challenge to any publishers and writers in the publishing industry. For example, I always try to keep up with the latest ways to efficiently send out my publications to my avid readers directly through the web. However, I do not have the luxury of time to make this goal possible especially when I am usually swamped with projects to publish.
I tried numerous free flip book creator and I got no luck. They were all actually pricey and yet I was not able to find the most powerful software to use. What I needed was the easiest and fastest option in converting my PDF file into an electronic Catalog builder that is also cost-free.

After exhausting all my effort researching, I finally found the best PDF converter available online. What is great about it is that I can easily convert my PDF documents into a stunning PDF catalog creator fast and free of charge!

Creating my PDF Catalog was a Piece of Cake
The app is a free service that is very convenient and simple to use. Getting started with this app only took me a few clicks in less than two minutes. After my registration as a new user, I was already able to upload my file and create my PDF Catalog right away with much ease.
It did not require me to have any particular training or knowledge on catalog software which was a huge relief. I just dragged my selected PDF document from my hard drive and dropped it on to the software. After this step, it automatically switched my file to the appropriate format as my new document.
It also gave me the capability of transforming my work with style. It showed me the available choices so that my document looks exactly how I wanted it to be. All of the options that I needed were present on its user-friendly interface so I was able to produce my PDF Catalog with a quality of a sophisticated e-magazine.

This solution saves me Publication Troubles
Converting all my PDF files to Catalog documents was one of the terrible issues I had with my publications online. I wanted my audience to also share my PDF catalog creator with their friends using other social media platforms and not just for them to review my work and information. Together with this goal, I always make sure that the links and all the relevant images are properly embedded and perfectly working when clicked from another social media source.It is worth mentioning that I only got this very essential embedding feature software and not from the other apps that I have purchased before. This function is very significant to my work because it gives my PDF product catalog the capacity of being spread on the web to a maximum potential. This also means that my links, images, and keywords are optimized on the search engines in order for my awesome online catalog creator to reach a vast number of readers and my target market. This is the best digital publishing solution ever!


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